It was valentines day and people were passing around cards to each other becuz Mr.Priest says so so first one up wuz Kobe!

Kobe gave a card to Ashley. She reads it it says Thanks for the food and you have pretty brown hair.

Ashley: Thanks!!!!!

Ashley gives Crystal a card. She reads it. It says You need to stop being a good kid...Nice hair

Crystal: I plan on turning bad when I'm ready and thanks!

Crystal gives Tyler a card he reads it it says You're so damn funny if I were to I would make you the king of being funny plus your so damn cute!

Tyler: Thanks! I know I'm funny it's my job to make people laugh

Tyler gives Mike a card he reads it it says Your dad is a moron...thanks for the 25 dollars

Mike: Really Nigga?

Tyler: *slowly grins*

Mike gives Bri a card it says Stop shutting me out in your conversations....cute ass!


Bri gives Don a card it says You need to be more athletic nice stoic face

Don:..............Lebron James.......


Don gives Ross a card it says Ross.....LUV ME!!!!

Ross: NO NIGGA!.......I'm with Mike....

Don sheds a tear. Ross gives Domoinique a card it says Fuck off

Domoinique: Fuck u too Ross

Domoiniwque gives Chase it card it says Stop fucking farting I'm fucking tired of it plus fuck barney

Chase: *Has rape face on*

Chase gives Yusuf a card it says Stop being so mustache

Yusuf: *Does his infamous seizure dance*

Yusuf gives Isaiah a card it says OOOOHHHHHH ISAIAH

Isaiah: Fuck off boy I don't like you

Isaiah gives Kobe a card he reads it it says Shut up Kobe

Kobe: Fucking ugly ass nigga crack baby

Isaiah gives Tyler a card he reads it it says Tramp baby Tyler

Tyler: *Death stare with red eyes*

Isaiah laughs and runs he gives Bri a card she lights it on fire

Isaiah: Bri y did u do that?

Bri: Becuz u touched it

Isaiah is heart broken