Room 104 wuz randomly chose to do a ad. They had to pick who could be the fun person well they picked Tyler cuz....idk they picked Isaiah for the one kid because....idk they picked Michael for the kid because they needed a small kid. So here it goes

Are u bored then have a free....TYLER GECO! U get to hang out with Tyler all day all night! (Michael and Isaiah eating their McDonalds with Tyler in the background)You have so much fun with the one and only Tyler!

He'll play basketball with you

Isaiah: Alright Tyler try to beat me!

Tyler: Ok I will

*Isaiah trying to get past Tyler with the ball but of course poor Isaiah falls with the ball*

He'll drive u to school

Michael: How do u know how to drive

Tyler: Because I'm awesome!

He'll play sharks and the meadows

All: Try to get us Tyler

Tyler: Ok *tags everybody in less than a minute*


So Michael what do u think of Tyler?

Michael: He's so cool and fun

*Both talking about shit at lunch*

Isaiah what do u think of Tyler?

Isaiah: Tyler is awesome!

Breakfast with Tyler

Tyler: Yes some fucking food Joey eats all the food at my house!

Isaiah: Heh?

Lunch with Tyler!

Michael: Can I sit with you tyler?

Tyler: Sure!

Isaiah: Can I?

Tyler: Let me think about!

And Dinner

*Tyler and Mike playing video games Isaiah eats out of Tyler's lunch*

Tyler: *Not amused*

*Slowly walking behind Isaiah*

Tyler: Whacha eating there that my lunch?

Isaiah: This aint your lunc-

Tyler: YES IT IS TRAP QUEEN! *Tyler slaps burger away* You got something to say Isaiah

Ross: Uh Tyler this aint part of the script! *Ross gets food thrown at him*

Tyler: FUCK THE SCRIPT U DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS DUMB ASS SCRUB EATING MY FUCKING FOOD *Tries to punch Isaiah but all the class pulls him off of Isaiah him yelling at Isaiah with Isaiah laughing Michael running because he's so scared.*