Room 104 as wolves Tyler was the big male wolf the leader. Everybody else was as pups....except for Isaiah he was a chicken. Unlike Tyler who had black fur and red eyes all the pups were color coded
Chase was blue
Michael was orange
Crystal was pink
Bri was purple
One day Tyler and his pups were hunting for food. They saw a chicken Isaiah They were hungry so they chased after it. Basically the only two pups to catch up to him was Bri and Crystal the rest had a bit trouble but they soon catched up. They both corner Isaiah. The poor chicken popped some eggs out cuz he was scared. Tyler smelled it....he lost interest in eating because it smelled like shit so yeah they went to get something else. Isaiah was safe this time. Tyler was sleeping then all the sudden you here crying....his pups were crying he wanted to know what was wrong all were still hungry and wanted to eat the chicken isaiah He explained to them that Isaiah is not safe to eat as he has a disease and smells really bad. they understood so they ate a dead bear named Homobear a bear that was homosexual.... THE END

Trivia Edit

I only did for of the classmates because I really was too lazy to do the other classmates....ehhh oh well!!!!!!!!!