This takes place in school

Everybody wuz going on a field trip....where????? Memorial park origanly Rocket Park and they r staying at a rich ass house and yeah. Everybody was excited!

Kobe: I can't wait

Kayla: Me too!

Ashley: Hella yeah at the house imam smoke a ton of weed fuk yeah bitchez!

Ash: I'm going to join u too!

Crystal: when we get to the rich as house I'm going to buy some fruity alcoholic drinks and ruin my liver

Christopher: Me too

Tyler: I'm going to make more videos...of games, me beating up bitchez who are my enimes and people Taylor beats the shit out of!

Taylor: I'm going to have fun while doing that

Michael: I'm going to hang out with Ross

Michelle: Cool

Bri ♀: I'm going to play basketball!

Bri ♂: Me too

Don:.......I'm going to drink some water

Donna: me too

Ross: Going to play trag with Michael

Rosa: Going to play tag with Michelle

Domoinique: Gonna turn up at da house

Dominick: Me too biaaaaaaaaches!!!!

Chase: I'm going to talk to my buddy Crystal

Charlotte: Going to talk to my buddy Christopher

Yousaf: I'm going to watch every episode of My Little Pony at the house

Yasmeen: Imma join u

Isaiah: I'm going to swing

Isabella: Me too babe *Kisses Isaiah*

Isiaah: Aw yissssssssss GOTTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: nasty Fuck wit

Taylor: U too r very good for each other!

Isaiah: Shut up Tyler you, you, you strong stuff

Tyler: Thx

Isabella: Shut up Taylor you, you, you piece of glitter

Taylor: Oh Thx I do shine like glitter!

Mr. priest: Time to line up!

All: Fuk yeah

And all take off to memorial park yeeeeeep! Isabella and Isaiah annoying poor Christopher and Crystal with gay ass annoying questions! Don and Donna telling their shitty jokes at the same time. All 3 rowdy girls and their counterparts being amazing! Tyler and taylor talking to Chase and Charlotte. Michael Michelle talking to Rosa and Ross. Oh yes. They got there all were excited! Michael and Michelle and Ross and Rosa and Don and Donna were playing tag.Taylor, Tyler, Kobe, Kayla, Bri ♂ and Bri ♀ were playing basketball. Charlotte and Chase talking to Miss. Harris. Ash, Ashley, Domoinique and Dominick talking about....meh who knows! Crystal, Christopher, Isabella and Isaiah on the swings.

Isaiah: hey Crystal watch this *Jumps off swing and falls*

Crystal: Oh Isaiah u never fail to make me laugh at ur failures!!!!!!

Isabella: yeah well I can do better! crystal and Christopher watch this *Jumps off swing and falls flat on her face*

Christopher: Oh Isabella u r just as bad as Isaiah!

Isaiah: Come on Isabella lets go play basket ball with Bri

Isabella: Oh I luv Bri!

Yeah all having fun then all strip in bathing suits and go to the water park and all get wet.

Same swimsuits as the beach genderbend fieldtrip (If ya remember)

Well some 40 creepy fuck wit comes up to Taylor and asks if she wants the D.

40 year old lil fuck wit: So hotty wanna take off that top

Taylor: ಠ_ಠ no! Now if you don't leave me alone I will knee u really hard or I'll call my genderbend counter part to kick ur ass. Pls don't make me knee u I like kneed Joey like.......50 times this week 99% for no reason so I'm warning u now to leave or I'll kick ur ass....u got 5 seconds

40 year old lil fuck wit: *Takes Taylors Top off and forces himself on her*

Taylor: DA FUK???!!!!!! *Covers herself and screams*

*All boys get boners*

Wasn't to long when Tyler comes out of nowhere to beat dis dude up. First he stabs him in the back with his amazing weapon! Then repeatly punches dude in the face for what seems like forever causing a scene. Then he pulls out a sword and well stabs both of this dudes eyes out. Then Gets out an Ak-47 and shoots this dude 50 times. Then gets gasoline and pours it on him then lights a match and lights this lil fucker on fire....then takes a piss on him to burn the fire out!




Ashley: Damn Tyler u looked so damn awesome out there

Ash: U r one tough man!

Crystal: One of the reason y u r awesome sir!

Christopher: Wow Taylor ur genderbend counterpart is absolutely amazing!

Michael:......U know u could have called the police

Michelle: Yeah Taylor really?????

Bri: Wow Ty this and many other reason r y u r my best buddy!!!!!

Bri ♂: Wow ur so cool bruh!

Don:.....This made me thirsty imam get some water

Donna: Imma come with u!

Ross: Shit Tyler u looked so awesome

Rosa: So entertaining....So lucky to have him Taylor

Domoinique: Shiiiiiiieeeeeet Tyler that was amazing!


Yousaf: *Sleeping*

Yasmeen: *Snoring*


Tyler: he messed with my girl!

Isabella: Taylor u need to take care of this yourself!

Well Taylor is now pissed off so she gets huge gun and shoots Isabella in the face!

Taylor: Shut up Cunt! If the same thing happened to u which I dought it would because no dude is gonna wanna come up to u....unless it's one of ur species Isaiah would have just stood there and laughed. Plus even if he truied he'd end up getting beat up and u would have been raped!....wait as soon as he takes ur top off he'd throw up!

Michael: So true!

Kayla: yeah!

Taylor: Thx 4 saving me (◕‿◕✿)*Starts kissing Tyler*

Tyler: Ur welcome anything 4 u ♥♥♥♥♥


Tyler: *Takes out gun and shoots Isaiah in the face*....Fuck wit!

Note: This takes place before both Ty and Tay have Gfs and Bfs

Both Isaiah & Isabella r now on the ground with injured faces making them 100000000000000 times more horribl;e......they get better though one hour later. All having fun then it's time to go eat then go to the rich house yaaaaaaaas all enjoying their time Ash and Ashley smoking weed. Kobe and Kayla causing trouble....

Mr. peiest: U both be earning point losses!

Kobe: So cry if ya need to


Mr. Priest: You'll be earning more

So now Kobe is fake choking on his food and Kayla is having fake seizure. Mr. priest scares their asses! Anyways mike, Michelle, Ross and Rosa play pokemon. Yasmeen and Yousaf watch MLP all night!!!!!!!!!!! Crystal and Christopher ruin their livers so they have hang overs in the morning! Ashley and Ash get to high they end up having sex. Don and Donna die from drinking to much water. Isaiah and Isabella both bother Tyler and taylor so both kill them....again! Bri (Female) and Bri (Male) play basketball. Domoinique and Dominick end up posting a twerking video online. Tyler and Taylor watch creepie pasta videos all night. Mr. priest runs so much he passes out. Miss. Harris just grades some work and falls asleep!